Quietway 1: Ham - Teddington

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Richmond council says:

The previous Mayor of London’s Vision for Cycling (2013), a 10-year plan to deliver cycling improvements across London with spending set to total £913m by 2022, announced that a cross-London network of high-quality guided cycle routes would be implemented. This was two-fold; high capacity Superhighways, mostly on main roads, for fast commuters, and slightly slower Quietways on low-traffic side streets, for those wanting a more relaxed journey, providing two clearly branded routes, together composing the ‘Central London Grid’.

Unlike the previous London Cycle Network, Quietways will be direct, better-surfaced and clearly signposted. The Quietway network will also include new off-road greenway routes through parks and along waterways, to be used for recreation and by families. Richmond’s natural assets particularly align to this purpose. Quietways aim to change the nature of cycling. Therefore, the routes will be pleasant and interesting to cycle on, showcasing hidden corners of London. Borough police resources, local community safety budgets and TfL-funded Safer Transport Command officers, lighting, CCTV coverage and patrols will ensure people feel safe using Quietways at night. Thus, it is hoped that Quietways will attract new types of cyclists and beginner cyclists. Quietways are also designed to benefit pedestrians and other road users.

The first Quietway route, from Waterloo to Greenwich, launched in June 2016 and seven Quietways are due to be completed by 2017. Richmond is proposing initially to introduce two new Quietways. TfL has agreed to fund Quietways 1 and 2 as part of ‘Phase 2’ of the Quietway programme. This consultation introduces Quietway 1, which will run between Ham and Teddington. The route comes from the neighboring borough of Wandsworth, beginning here at Richmond Park’s Ham Gate, and finishing by Bushy Park, crossing the river at Teddington Lock.

Community consultation and engagement events took place in July of this year where the proposed route was introduced. Having taken on board the feedback from the initial engagement, this new consultation seeks to present the updated proposals for Quietway 1. We welcome views from Richmond’s residents, businesses, stakeholders and visitors on the proposals.

This consultation is presented in conjunction with Richmond’s Cycling Strategy, currently also under consultation; the Quietways will help to realise Strategy Objective A. There will also be joint consultation events where there will be the opportunity to give feedback.


January 20th, 2017 17:00


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