Improved connection between Raeburn Place and St Bernard's Row

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Added by Chris Paton

Improve the connection between Raeburn Place and St Bernard's Row.

St Bernard's Row is already a quiet street thanks to the ban on vehicle traffic at Raeburn Place. Northbound, St Bernard's Row is a key link towards family attractions like Inverleith Park and the Botanic Gardens and also provides access to family route 20. Conversely, it provides an effective southbound route into Stockbridge and the city centre from Arboretum, Inverleith, and even Wardie and Granton. The present connection between the St Bernard's Row and Raeburn Place has some cycling provision but a small amount of additional investment could encourage greater use and turn this into a key through route. This would avoid the need for cyclists to use the Water of Leith via Haugh Street which is an indirect and cumbersome route and clashes with pedestrians.

The simplest improvement would be blue signage (there is currently just a no vehicles sign which doesn't encourage cyclists to use the facility) to make clear that cyclists can actually cross the pavement from Raeburn Place into St Bernard's Row. A proper dropped kerb would also be a big improvement along with appropriate markings (and preferably lead-up bike lanes) to show the route cyclists should take.
Ideally though, the nearby pedestrian crossing would additionally be upgraded to a toucan crossing so that less confident cyclists can safely turn right from Raeburn Place into St Bernard's Row (northbound) and turn right from St Bernard's Row into Raeburn Place (westbound). The best solution would involve relocating the crossing a few metres so that there is a clear alignment with the end of St Bernard's Row, though this may be tricky due to the junction with the opposite Dean Street.


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