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Barnet Cyclists is the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). The group has about 300 members of all ages and abilities and includes commuter, utility, sport and leisure cyclists. Our aim is to encourage more active, healthy forms of travel and, in particular, to get people out on their bicycles and riding on the roads in, and through Barnet. We campaign for good quality, safe, schemes for cyclists in Barnet.

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  • Heath Street/East Heath Road/West Heath Road junction Proposed Improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    In the consultation Camden states that they propose measures to  improve the public realm and reduce bus journey times through the junction of Heath Street, East Heath Road and West Heath Road in Hampstead.


    We note that buses 268 and 603 run along Heath Street through this junction. 


    They list the following problems:


    - The staggered arrangement of East Heath Road and West Heath Road means that it is difficult to turn right or travel straight ahead when exiting West Heath Road


    -  pedestrians crossing the northern arm of the junction over Heath Street have to cross away from the their desire line


    -  southbound traffic on Heath Street is held while pedestrians cross East Heath Road 

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  • Jubilee Quietway (Harrow)+

    Created by Anoop // 1 thread

    Harrow council originally proposed a segregated cycle route along Honeypot Lane / Marsh Lane, as part of the 2013 mini-Holland bid, but it was not funded. They are currently trying to build  a cycle route along the Jubilee line using LIP funding. This route does not follow the direct main roads, but uses mostly minor roads, with some sections of shared footway along main roads. 

    The original consultation is for the scheme shown on the map above, but a more direct route using a short section of Honeypot Lane is also going being worked up.

    Scheme description (From Harrow council consultation leaflet):

    Stanmore Station / London Road

    1.New shared use footway and Toucan Crossing. The existing footway outside Stanmore Station will be widened to incorporate a shared use footway (which allows both pedestrians and cyclists to use the footway) to start the westbound cycle route on London Road through to the junction with Merrion Avenue. This will improve cycle access to Stanmore Station, a key interchange along this route. Measures such as signage and tactile paving would be used to indicate the shared use footway.

    Merrion Avenue

    2.Raised table to provide level access to cyclists and pedestrians on Merrion Avenue at its junction with London Road. This will provide continuity to the cycle route, assist in slowing down traffic accessing Merrion Avenue and improve cycle and pedestrian safety at the junction.

    Whitchurch Lane

    3. New Parallel Pedestrian and Cyclist Crossing with shared use on adjacent footways, which would allow them to safely cross Whitchurch Lane. Measures such as signage and tactile paving would be used to indicate the shared use footway.

    4. Shared use footway on south side of Whitchurch Avenue between the parallel crossing and the pedestrian crossing on 

    Honeypot Lane

    This will require some widening into the adjacent green area of Stanmore Marsh to the south. Measures such as signage and tactile paving would be used to indicate the shared use footway.


    5. New traffic island and shared use footway to provide protection for right turning cyclists south of the junction with Wemborough Road. Measures such as signage and tactile paving would be used to indicate the shared use footway.

    Honeypot Lane

    6. Shared use footway on east side of Honeypot Lane between the pedestrian crossing at Broadcroft Avenue and Collins Avenue. The existing turning head south of Dalston Gardens will be raised to footway level to accommodate the shared use footway. A vehicle crossover will be provided, in the location of the turning head, to aid turning vehicles. Measures such as signage and tactile paving would be used to indicate the shared use footway.

    Aldridge Avenue

    7. Raised table to provide level access to cyclists and pedestrians on Aldridge Avenue This will provide continuity to the cycle route, assist in slowing down traffic accessing Aldridge Avenue and improve cycle and pedestrian safety at the junction.

    Camrose Avenue

    8. New Parallel Crossing with adjacent shared-use footway on Camrose Avenue west of Turner Road for pedestrians and cyclists to allow them to safely cross Camrose Avenue.

    9. Shared use footway on Camrose Avenue between Collins Road and Turner Road. Measures such as signage and tactile paving would be used to indicate the shared use footway.

    Turner Road

    10. Shared use footway on Turner Road between Camrose Avenue and the borough boundary (near Queensbury Station). This will require some footway widening into the carriageway. Measures such as signage and tactile paving would be used to indicate the shared use footway. Along with the above measures, we are proposing to provide cycle road markings and traffic signs for cyclists, pedestrians and motorised traffic at various locations along the route. These signs and road markings are necessary to inform all road users of the presence of the cyclists on the road and the cycle route.

    Honeypot Lane, Wigton Gardens, Aldridge Avenue

    With the amount of funding made available next financial year, we anticipate to carry out further investigation on providing a more direct cycle route through Honeypot Lane – Wigton Gardens – Aldridge Avenue. A separate public consultation will be carried out on proposed measures along these roads.

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  • Colindale Station Redevelopment (TfL)

    Created by JonC // 0 threads

    TfL are consulting on significant improvements to Colindale station, including an entirely new ticket hall, a new lift providing step free access to the platforms and new homes around the station. We are seeking views on our proposals ahead of submitting a planning application for the site to Barnet Council.

    Includes: Improve pedestrian and cyclist journeys to and from the station.

    Public exhibition in Sunderland Hall at the RAF Museum (Grahame Park Way, London, NW9 5LL) on:

    Thursday 6 December 2018 (14:00 - 20:00)
    Saturday 8 December 2018 (10:00 - 16:00)

    see also Barnet Council consultation for the same site at

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  • Draft Colindale Underground Station SPD

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    The council has prepared a draft Colindale Underground Station Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for public consultation.

    The document sets out an approach for delivering a new station, with step-free access and increased capacity as part of a residential led mixed use proposal. The new station will be equipped to serve anticipated growth and development in the area.

    Full details and online questionnaire at the following link:

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  • Barnet LIP

    Created by Simon Still // 2 threads

    The third Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) was published in March 2018 and sets out a new strategic direction for transport in London. It aims to change the way people choose to travel with an overarching vision for 80% of all trips in London to be made on foot, cycle or using public transport by 2041.

    Each London Borough has to prepare a Local Implementation Plan (LIP) containing proposals for the implementation of the MTS in its area.

    Barnet’s draft LIP includes Barnet’s transport objectives and identifies key local issues, challenges and opportunities to achieving the overarching mode share aim and nine MTS outcomes. It includes a delivery plan that sets out, in broad terms, the proposals and resources that will deliver the LIP objectives and targets associated with indicators related to the MTS outcomes.

    A number of statutory consultees will be specifically invited to comment on the draft LIP, but we want everyone who lives in or visits the borough to have an opportunity to comment too.

    Give us your views

    A copy of the draft LIP is provided here. We would particularly like your views on:

    have the main challenges and opportunities to delivering the MTS vision and outcomes been identified (pages 24-60);
    are the borough transport objectives identified in the document (pages 26-29) suitable for addressing the challenges;
    should the LIP include other major proposals or general areas of work (pages 62-74 & 80-81);
    should any other targets be identified (pages 103-110)
    Please provide your comments by email to link) including LIP3 in the title

    ,or by post FAO Jane Shipman, Re, Floor 11, Barnet House, 1255 High Road, London, N20 0EJ.

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  • Brent LIP

    Created by Simon Still // 1 thread

    Statutory and public consultation on their draft documents is a requirement for Boroughs preparing their Local Implementation Plans. The draft London Borough of Brent Local Implementation Transport Plan (LIP3) sets out how the Borough Council proposes to implement the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy at a local level in Brent. The plan uses the Borough’s Long Term Transport Strategy objectives and sets out how the future of transport for Brent will be provided up to 2041. It proposes a three-year programme of investment for the period 2019/20 - 2021/22. Under the Mayor’s Transport Strategy a further three year programme will be consulted on in the future. The full draft plan is available in the document section below. We would welcome your views on the draft LIP3 using this online questionnaire.

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  • A111 Chase Side - improve safety for cyclists

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    The A111 Chase Side is a useful and direct commuting and leisure route for cyclists, linking Southgate and Cockfosters. Safety improvements are needed for cyclists using the road, particularly at central refuges forming pinch points where close passes are a frequent risk.

    More extensive infrastructure, utilising wide verges, service roads and semi-segrated lanes, could provide a safe route to increase levels of cycling to local schools, shops and sports facilities.

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  • A111 Cockfosters to Hadley Wood

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Convert the footway along the A111 Cockfosters Road to shared use between the entrance to Trent Park and Waggon Road. This would link with the existing segregated cycle track from Cockfosters tube station to Trent Park and to Sustrans Route NCN 12 and Hadley Wood train station. It would allow residents in new developments along Cockfosters Road and the large planned development within Trent Park to cycle to both stations and beyond.

    The A111 is narrow and busy, with insufficient room to overtake a cyclist safely if there is oncoming traffic. Motorists can be aggressive and pass cyclists very closely, so only the bravest cyclists use this road. During morning and evening commutes there are long queues of traffic, making it difficult and unpleasant to use the road on a bicycle.

    The footway on the west side of the road has very few pedestrians and is wide enough to allow dual use or be upgraded to segregated use. It also has dropped kerbs to allow cyclists to cross side roads.

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